Journey back in time with us...
to a time of untouched primordial nature, balance, beauty and a pure existence before known human settlement in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Our water that has been filtering through the ancient rocks of the pristine Southern Alps for over 5000 years…

Our range of still and sparkling water comes to you from a remote artesian spring in a region that remains untouched by the effects of modern civilization.


Difficult access through treacherous terrain keeps the location of the source at over 800 m above sea level secure and protected from potential outside contamination.

Before surfacing in a remote artesian spring, our water stays hidden for over 5000 years. In this unique artesian aquifer, the groundwater emerges naturally, without human or mechanical intervention. And because we only collect what is naturally released by the spring, our water truly is “nature’s limited release”.



Pure Refreshing

Water does not all taste the same. In fact, water tastes very different in various parts of the world and is influenced by its origin, the surrounding area, the nature of the aquifer and the source.


Our water, pure and unpolluted due to its age, and as a result of its artesian flow and natural minerality, has a very subtle taste with sweeter notes sure to leave you asking for more.

Mineral Content 

Absorbed on its patient path through the ancient rock of the mountain, the dissolved minerals in our water are well-balanced. Exceptionally low nitrate and nitrite values make this one of the purest waters available on the market. A full report is available on request.


Woter is naturally alkaline, with a pH of 7.5, which has antioxidizing properties and health benefits, including increased oxygen levels and improved energy.



The Perfect Cleanser 

It’s the triad of an excellent fine dining experience – the delicious, succulent flavours and textures of the food, the sips of the dark red with strong tannin and a hint of spice or the crisp white with a smooth finish and, of course, a glass of the purest water to cleanse the palate and thus enhance the flavour experience again and again during the meal. This is something that tap water simply can’t provide.

Pair excellent food with fine wine and our pure water for the ultimate in culinary experience. 

Don't Compromise 

Tap water can leave an after taste that affects the palate and how delicate flavours are experienced. A gentle palate cleanser, such as our water in its purest form with just the right mineral composition, will enhance any fine dining experience.

Don't compromise the taste of your beautifully prepared food and skillfully matched wine by serving it with tap water. 

Harbour Light Bistro

"Our customers love that our sparkling mineral water is sourced locally, we also love that it is both an ethical and sustainable local product. After tasting woter, we immediately added it to our menu, and we feel it has added value and we have seen increased sales.

Ordering is effortless and prompt delivery is always assured; we enjoy working with the team at Woter."

Fine Dining 

To enhance the taste experience of a gourmet meal

Health Foods

Provide light and refreshing option for the health-conscious

Beverage Accompaniment

To cleanse a palate or as a mixer for cocktails, gins or whiskey