Pure New Zealand artesian spring water at your table



Straight from a natural spring near one of New Zealand’s largest and most pristine National Parks to you.

Our water comes to you from a remote mountain artesian spring at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. It has been filtering through the ancient rocks of the Southern Alps for over 5000 years before reaching the surface.


This untouched purity gives our water a light, refreshing taste, and the natural mineral composition makes it an ideal palate cleanser for enjoyment with a gourmet meal.

Arbour Restaurant

"We love the delicate bead of woter and the way it offers elegance to the evening meal without aggressively interfering with the food or wine being served.  The sustainable production methods are lovely to be able to share with our guests and as a neighbouring product of our region, it supports our ethos of showcasing local producers."

Our Vision

We offer pristine and quality sparkling and still water to selected premium Restaurants and Cafés and around New Zealand.  Our aim is to enhance the dining experience by offering a superior product to compliment the finest food and wine.


We foster a personal and customer-focused relationship with our distributors and retailers and cater to their individual needs.

Our Difference

Woter is a locally owned and operated New Zealand business located in Nelson, close to the unique source of our water.

Our strong focus is on sustainable and ethical production and distribution, which underlies every aspect of our business from water collection to the bottle itself.

Jellyfish Restaurant

"Jellyfish Restaurant loves the fact that woter is locally and sustainably sourced. The light carbonation makes it perfect with our meals and wines, as it does not overpower the flavours. Same day delivery is a bonus too!"

Enjoy a premium product with integrity

We collect only small quantities of naturally released flow without the use of mechanical pumps to maintain the natural balance of the environment.

Our glass bottles are made right here in New Zealand and our process produces minimal waste because sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our approach.

What does it
taste like?

Our water has a low quantity of total dissolved solids, keeping the taste light, natural and pure. An ideal refreshment, available in both still and sparkling varieties to suit every taste preference and occasion. 



The natural composition of Woter makes it a superb palate cleanser and, thus, an ideal accompaniment to your gourmet dining experience. Pair excellent food with fine wine and pure water for an utmost culinary delight.